Pharmamel is a biotechnology company That Emerged from the University of Granada’s spin-off program.


It was born in 2014, but history goes back ITS for many years. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Darío Acuña-Castroviejo Researchers and Germaine Escames carrying out crucial Have Been research work in the field of cell aging and melatonin, and the application of melatonin in different areas, Including skin.

These Pharmamel puts Researchers’ investigative experience at the service of society.

We aim to discover and Develop new technologies, making our innovations available to everyone, and to Achieve This, we adapt to the needs of society.

All of this can be Achieved thanks to our highly-qualified team, Because you live in people and knowledge are our company’s They engine.

Estructura molecular
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Pharmamel started as a new biotechnology company based on the knowledge generated at the University of Granada (UGR); it is Affiliated With the spin-off program at the UGR, Which implements a basic formulation to put the innovative technologies developed in universities to use.

Spin-offs allow the university community to harvest the fruits of Their research, generating economic returns for universities That HAD Invested in research and the incorporation of Facilitated Previously graduates into the labor market

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