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The quality of their publications

The quality of their publications

The quality of their publications has led them to receive several awards, among which are the Grant for Innovation in Research for characterising nocturnal ultradian melatonin rhythms in children; the Award for Excellence in Research  by the University of Granada for demonstrating that melatonin protects mitochondria from oxidative stress; the award for the best scientific publication for characterising inducible nitric oxide synthase in mitochondria and demonstrating that melatonin counteracts its effects; and the Sesvalia award for work on the control of oxidative stress during rest.

They also hold several patents for the applications of melatonin, such as one for its use in mucositis (an inflammatory process that appears in the gastro-intestinal tract during radio- and chemotherapy), another for an injectable melatonin formulation being used in a clinical trial to treat sepsis, and yet another for the use of melatonin on the skin.

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