Five reasons to buy MEL13 from one of our recommended points of sale

When buying Pharmamel products we always recommend you do so at one of our points of sale which can be found via our search engine:
The four products MEL13, MEL13 Plus, MEL13 Serum, and MEL13 Eyes form an active regenerative treatment based on melatonin and coenzyme Q10. Specifically, in addition to being suitable for mature skin, the MEL13 Plus cream also alleviates the effects of a wide variety of skin pathologies. Therefore, ideally these products should always be purchased in pharmacies and parapharmacies, because these offer extra benefits not available when they are purchased elsewhere:

One of the main advantages of buying in our recognised points of sale is the customer service provided by the qualified personnel there. This will normally be a pharmacist who dispenses the product, and so they will be aware of all of our product’s properties and can direct you on its proper application.

Furthermore, you will receive better guidance about the use of MEL13 products according to your skin type. Many pharmacies have the proper tools to carry out skin analyses and this will greatly help professionals to give you specific recommendations that are more beneficial to you.


Buying at recommended points of sale also has the additional benefit of assured high product security, because pharmacies provide a total guarantee that their creams are perfectly preserved.

Likewise, recognised points of sale can resolve your doubts and provide you with more information. Where more information is required about the product composition, pharmacists are professionally trained to reliably clarify the origin of the product ingredients.
In short, buying Pharmamel products from one of the points of sale indicated in our web search engine ensures the traceability of the MEL13 creams, and thus, is safer for the most delicate skins.

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